10. Technology: Technology is great of course, but very expensive.
9. Hospitals: Overbuilding! More capacity than we can ever utilize. More luxurious, more expensive!! A MRI scanner on every corner.
8. The Pharmaceutical Industry: What goes into the cost of a drug?
a. Research
b. Marketing....some unethical
c. Pressure for new drugs....though they may do the same thing as old drugs
d. U.S. has the most access to new prescription drugs ... but cost is high.
7. The Insurance Industry: Insure their own profit.
a. Free reign to raise price and lock us in to pay.
b. Many new plans, not much real change.
c. Lobbying to block helpful legislation to protect their profit.
6. Political
a. "Out of touch" - inexperience people making decisions and policy
b. Not insisting that the insurance business operate as free enterprise.
c. Blocking, or mitigating more medical savings account legislation.
d. Also see Item 3 - "tort reform"
5. Physicians, Medical Providers
a. Practice defensive medicine
b. Pharmaceutical industry pressure
4. Public Sector vs. Private Sector
a. "Spillover" from public sector plans
b. Lack of Reality i.e. teachers/public employees/unions pay nothing or close to nothing for insurance despite having Cadillac plans.
3. in tort reform
a. States that have no limits on malpractice
b. Lawsuits arc reflected in
the price of all medical care.
2. People ...Habits
a. People are fatter than ever, more inactive than ever and living longer than ever.
b. People want cures that require little to no participation from them, for example, drug and surgery.
1. Peop1e ... Attitudes
a. The health insurance card is a charge card that has no monthly bill.
b. We will drive across town to use double coupons at another grocery story, but do not even ask what we have spent when we leave the doctors office. We need to shop based on the quality and price of the needed service.
c. We need to have a 'informed consumer' type attitude so that we can learn where and how to apply pressure to the system through grass roots efforts.

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