Health Products & Services

Medical/Rx - from Fully Insured to Self Insured with Stop Loss, Kost Consulting works with companies of all sizes to develop the benefit programs best suited to meet their needs.  We use an extensive list of provider networks, carriers, re-insurers and third party administrators.

Cafeteria Plans - from Section 125 Premium Only plans to the full-blown cafeteria-style plan, we have the experience to help our clients develop and manage a Health Care benefit program, which allows extensive employee choice.  These programs offer, both companies and employees, tax advantages while providing maximum flexibility to plan participants.  We fully support the educational and communications process to assure employees make sound decisions during their open enrollment period.

Consumer Driven Health Plans - from Flexible Spending Accounts, which have been utilized for years, to Health Savings Accounts, Kost Consulting has advised clients on strategies to transition toward the newest evolution toward consumer oriented programs.  Many employers have adopted Health Reimbursement arrangements, sometimes called Employer Reimbursement Plans, often as a stepping-stone toward HSAs.

Niche products from Organ Transplant Benefit carve-outs to Limited Benefit plans, we have partnered with clients to more effectively manage risk while providing service to meet their ever-changing workplace.

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