Welcome To Kost Consulting!
We serve Ohio-based businesses of all sizes and have expertise in many industries.


Personalized Service – Our commitment to service excellence is the foundation of our existence.  By delivering high quality service in a professional manner, we have established long-term partnerships with our clients.  Our business is based upon integrity, trust and a strong work ethic.  Our clients appreciate the results we deliver.  We’re aggressive and forward looking, managing their benefits in a proactive manner.

Customized Approach

We focus on the specific needs of each client, recognizing that each client is unique.  We work closely with the leading Health and Life carriers as well as niche players in Ancillary products & specialized services to deliver the package best suited to meet each client’s needs.  Our approach is flexible, but firm.


We Work For YOU!

Always looking out for the clients’ best interests, we are dedicated to your success.  We help make our clients’ business more profitable.  We’re entrepreneurial by nature, and oriented toward results.  In fact, we long to be compensated for performance and encourage our clients to reorient any current arrangements that are not so.



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